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10am, Sunday 06/06/2021

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Whether in education, career orientation or maintaining relationships, psychology helps us to better understand the way we act and behave in different contexts. This workshop will guide you through the foundations of psychology as you reflect upon your own experiences with interactive activities. From that point, not only will it give you a clearer view of this subject but also ignite your interest in pursuing this fundamental field of our life. 

Dr. Mark Lee 

  • Lecturer in Psychology, RMIT University Melbourne (Australia) 

  • Master of Business (Marketing) 

  • Endorsed psychologist by the Psychology Board of Australia

*Note: This workshop is dedicated to students only due to limited available slots and will be delivered in English.

Event activities

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Explore our Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) program

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Experience RMIT’s teaching and learning through our interactive online workshop 

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Get direct consultation with our program advisors on your future plan 

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Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)


Study the science of the mind and human behavior with RMIT Vietnam’s all new program: 

Discover how to apply psychology into different areas of our everyday lives, examine broad areas of human behaviour and more deeply in fundamental areas such as personality, psychopathology, social psychology, biological psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and research methods. 

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The first international standard applied psychology degree in Vietnam (based on the same program at RMIT in Melbourne that’s accredited by the Australia Psychology Accreditation Council.) 

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Learn from Australian certified expert psychologists at the forefront of their fields  

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A contemporary program in a modern environment

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Work Integrated Learning: gain experience with internship or research projects 

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Study abroad opportunities with RMIT’s exchange network of 200+ universities over 40 countries, or transfer to Australia 

Career opportunities:

Graduates could find job placements in a range of different fields: 

  • Education counsellor  

  • NGO social worker / consultant 

  • Educator  

  • Researcher   

  • Human resources specialist (recruitment & training)   

  • Market research specialist   

  • Marketing specialist (customer behaviour, advertising) 

If you aim to become a certified professional psychologist, this program will help you build your foundation to pursue higher studies with RMIT in Melbourne. 


Meet our lecturers

Associate Professor Sophia Xenos (Australia)

Registered Clinical Psychologist, AHPRA

Registered with Psychology Board of Australia

Fellow of Australian Psychology Society’s College of Clinical Psychologists

Dr Melissa Monfries (Australia)

Registered with Psychology Board of Australia

Fellow of Australian Psychology Society’s College of Clinical Psychologists and Counselling Psychologists

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