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  Info session   
Master of Artificial Intelligence & Master of Cyber Security

8:30am Sat 16 July 2022


702 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC


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Event Activities:

  • Learn about the Master of Artificial Intelligence and Master of Cyber Security at RMIT

  • Talk with our program managers to discuss prospective career pathways

  • Explore 3 scholarships on offer for 2022 intakes, each worth ~USD17,500

  • Get direct consultation on admissions and scholarship applications

  • Join our demo workshops

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Master of Artificial Intelligence workshop

Teaching a machine to learn through text summarization

Join this workshop to learn how we develop an AI solution that generates a concise summary of a product or service, based on its reviews - one of the most challenging yet interesting problem in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP).  

Conducted by Dr Minh Dinh 

PhD, Philosophy in Computer Science, Monash University

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Master of Cyber Security workshop

Unveiling the Insider Threat – Cyber Security Incident Response Using Forensic Data Recovery 

Most often media reports on external breaches to an organisation’s security, yet another form of cyber crime is the insider attack. This workshop will allow students to examine a bit copy of a digital storage device to uncover key evidence that an internal attack took place.  This type of forensic data recovery is heavily important when prosecuting cyber criminals. 

Conducted by Dr Jonathan Crellin 

PhD in Qualitative Evaluation of Software Prototypes, FHEA, MBCS

  • Talk to our lecturers about your Masters program of interest

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Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh


  • PhD, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway

  • Areas of expertise: Advanced Web Programming, Cloud Computing, Digital Government, AI in Healthcare

  • Special offers:

    • Application fee waiver for attendees 

    • Exclusive gifts for successful deposits 

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Dr. Nguyen Hieu Thao


  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, Göttingen University, Germany

  • PhD in Mathematics, Federation University Australia, Australia

  • Areas of expertise: Applied Mathematics, Data Science, Optimization Methods, Machine Learning

Master of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) 

Gain a broad range of computing knowledge through core courses and electives that allow you to build up your expertise around A.I. development, machine learning/deep learning and data science.  

Tailor your pathway with 2 streams:

  • Project stream: partake in an AI project with an industry partner

  • Research stream: deliver a minor thesis on a specific interest, which opens pathways for more research as well as to a PhD program

Master of Cyber Security 

RMIT’s globally recognized Master of Cyber Security is the longest-running program of its type in Australia. This program has two unique advantages for those enrolling: 

  • Technology & People: a combined approach to cyber security 

  • A flexibility-driven program: with a broad range of electives, you have the agency to pursue subjects that are most important to your career. 

Intake and scholarships 

Intake and scholarships 

  • June 2022: 3 scholarships that worth 50% total tuition fee 

  • October 2022: 1 scholarship that is worth 50% total tuition fee 

  • October 2022: 2 scholarships worth 50% total tuition fee 


Why study Master of AI &
Master of Cyber Security at RMIT?


The first two globally recognisable master's programs of their kind to be launched in Vietnam by an international university.


Top 150 in the world for Computer Science & Information Systems.

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Opportunities to participate in work-integrated learning projects with RMIT partner companies and organizations with the most updated facilities.


Oportunities to learn from and build a network with experts and lecturers from Vietnam and Australia.


Opportunities to go exchange to RMIT Melbourne while retaining Vietnamese tuition fees.


Opportunities to sharpen your strategic mindset and people management skills through elective courses from MBA Program.

Meet our academics


Dr. Jonathan Crellin

Senior Lecturer

Areas of Expertise:

Human Computer Interaction (CHI) (Human Factors); Computer / Digital Forensics & Cyber Security; Technology Supported Teaching.


Dr. Timothy Wiley

Lecturer, AI Discipline

Areas of Expertise:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics.

Our industry partners

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